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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Send SMS from Your Own Mobile Device Using SimCard SMS


Dear friends, I hope you are better. There is an services called SimCardSMS. The Name of the Website is www.simcardsms.com . From This website you can send SMS to anyone from using your own mobile device. To get this services you need to register your account on SimCardSMS website. then second steps is that you need to install SimCardSMS App from simcardsms.com website.

After installing this app on your android mobile you need to login via mobile app. There is two process to login into android device one using username ie email address and password. And another ways to sign in using QR Scan. 

You will get 100 credit for sending sms with 30 days validation. You can increase the limit and extend the validity if you verify SimCardSMS account from Websoft IT Nepal Pvt. Ltd. You can do Email  or call on +977-9842278940 to make your account verified. The balance of sms will be deducted from your mobile. If you want to send more and more SMS in bulk the better option is to buy sms package from your telecom operator.

The API facility is also coming soon. if you make third party software, website or mobile app. You can easily integrate API very easily. SimCard SMS services is started by Websoft IT Nepal Pvt. Ltd.. This service is currently in testing mode. after certain period of time all the services will be paid. So till then you can use this service free of cost.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

SimCard SMS lunches by Websoft IT Nepal


We know that Websoft IT Nepal Pvt. Ltd is the IT Company in Nepal. This company is lunches new service as named SimCard SMS recently. SimCard SMS is the premium service where we can get SMS service for your family , friends and Customers. This service will reduce the cost of SMS while sending alert sms. 

SimCard SMS also provide API where we can make our own applications or android applications to serve the features facility of sms. SMS is very important towards the web application. so using SimCard SMS we can save our a lots of Money. There is some tutorials available on YouTube that teaches us how to use simcard sms service instantly. I am fully recommended this service along the our daily life service.

The website of SimCard SMS is https://www.simcardsms.com and mobile number from where you can communicate about service is +977-9842278940. I hove this service will impact on many ways to boost your service. thank You

Monday, August 10, 2020

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020: talking happy moments

 Image by Nikhil Mishra

 The Birthday of Shree Krishan is also called the Krisahan Janamastami and sometimes it is also called satam, aatham and Gokulaxmi. This festival is the 8th birth of god bishanu which is celebrated in every year in between august. This is also one of the most importance festival of hindus People. Mostly this festival is celebrated by women and girls asking good husband and other good sign happens in their family and life.

But due to covid 19, this year i mean 2020 is very bad moment which affects Janamastami  too. This festival is also known MohRaatri because is celebrated at the middle of the night on Kishan Astami. Many people of Nepal India Bangladesh etc are being worshiped each year by good quality of fruits and sweets. They also use  flower to worship this festival. Not only those materials used but also they used gangajal. In the early morning people bath in pond, river, lake sea . 

Any way it is the most enjoyable days during shree Krishan astami. There are thousand ways to enjoy in this festival but also they are still dancing by playing krishan songs, doing acting, singing.Thanks for reading. This post is written by Mrs. Divya Mandal

Friday, October 11, 2019

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sand land with Small river mixed togerther

This image is taken in Nepal of koshi barrage. The view is the combination of sand land with river part of nature. This photo is taken 2017-12-16 at Koshi barrage Nepal. This is taken because there is a combination of sand land and water river. This photo is taken by mobile device.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dashain Festivals in Nepal, india and world for current year 2017 happy dashain.

This is the Dashain festival time in nepal india and the whole world. People are going go celebrate their dashain in their own style. The main target is to get fun with their relatives. The festival is not so popular in the world. But it is very popular in the Nepal and India. The Indian citizenship gets the maximum holly days. Nepali government also provide long holiday to have full freedom to their citizenship. This is the best celebration in Nepal. People is get reweave from the headache of works.

The Biratnagar and Kathmandu valley is almost empty because of people absence. The target funny gets more fun when comes the laxmi pooja after tihar festival. Im not going to write more about dashain because this is so much famous among the people. There is no any boundary to get celebrate the selection of the people . there are many festival in this world but this is one of the best and popular celebration in nepal and india. I also make a plane to visit some friends home. Perhaps this time will be targeted to Bhardah rajbiraj. There is one of my friend whose name is Mr. Ganesh Raut. The main attraction is the Koshi River which is almost Biggest river in Nepal. I think it will be the full of fun regarding to dashing celebration.

I want to share the whole celebration to every wisher regarding Biratnagar Friends and out of Biratnagar Friends. I wise every happiness to their life. Once more i want say happy Dashain to my best friends. There is also some friends whom i miss very much in this festival.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Online talim Website is lunched the name of website is www.onlinetalim.com by websoft it nepal pvt. ltd.

There are hundred of website in this world server . Most of the website is setup for the software download purposed the main target of website is to gain money from the user visited from several ip address in the network. The function of the system is not same as we aspect to serve the contain. www.onlinetalim.com has been started to get purpose the nepali students note in the different collages. People are searching the website in the several parts of the body. The main targeted area is for getting visitor is nepal where this location is normally allocated to be perfect area of the system.

The aim of this website to create the number of visitor to download so far on the basic of diffect ip addresss on the management system. This website is going to publish soon in the near future of the online system. The days are coming to be store the website. Thank you so much to visit our website to refer the www.onlinetalim.com and this website is powered by websoft it nepal. The website of the websoft it nepal is www.websoftitnepal.com 

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