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Friday, October 27, 2017

Download Shiva Pariyar Songs

I have some collection for shiva pariyar songs. This was taken from google searching. The dashing handsome singer of nepal is also a singer Shiv pariyar. Some song sang by shiva Pariyar is listed below to keep download.
  1. Shiva Pariyar~Aanshu Dhara
  2. Shiva Pariyar~Jaba Timi
  3. Shiva Pariyar~Maya Ekchin Phate Pani
  4. Shiva Pariyar~Sayad Timro Maya Paune
  5. Shiva Pariyar~Siudo Ma Sindur
  6. Shiva Pariyar-Bhul Garey
  7. Shiva Pariyar-Birami Chu Piratiko
  8. Shiva Pariyar-Duri
  9. Shiva Pariyar-Hasera Dui Pal
  10. Shiva Pariyar-Nidharma Rato Tika
  11. Shiva Pariyar~Balhali Hune Yo Thau
  12. Shiva Pariyar~Chhadera Jau Ki
  13. Shiva Pariyar~Chhatpatima
  14. Shiva Pariyar~Facebook Le
  15. Shiva Pariyar~Kina Gali Garchhau
  16. Shiva Pariyar~Marera Gaye Vane
  17. Shiva Pariyar~Pokhara Ki Gori Le
  18. Shiva Pariyar~Saiyau Juni
  19. Shiva Pariyar~Sakiyena Vulna
  20. Shiva Pariyar~Yeha Pir Ma Xa Manxe
There are many songs by him but till now this is only available thank You.


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