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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dashain Festivals in Nepal, india and world for current year 2017 happy dashain.

This is the Dashain festival time in nepal india and the whole world. People are going go celebrate their dashain in their own style. The main target is to get fun with their relatives. The festival is not so popular in the world. But it is very popular in the Nepal and India. The Indian citizenship gets the maximum holly days. Nepali government also provide long holiday to have full freedom to their citizenship. This is the best celebration in Nepal. People is get reweave from the headache of works.

The Biratnagar and Kathmandu valley is almost empty because of people absence. The target funny gets more fun when comes the laxmi pooja after tihar festival. Im not going to write more about dashain because this is so much famous among the people. There is no any boundary to get celebrate the selection of the people . there are many festival in this world but this is one of the best and popular celebration in nepal and india. I also make a plane to visit some friends home. Perhaps this time will be targeted to Bhardah rajbiraj. There is one of my friend whose name is Mr. Ganesh Raut. The main attraction is the Koshi River which is almost Biggest river in Nepal. I think it will be the full of fun regarding to dashing celebration.

I want to share the whole celebration to every wisher regarding Biratnagar Friends and out of Biratnagar Friends. I wise every happiness to their life. Once more i want say happy Dashain to my best friends. There is also some friends whom i miss very much in this festival.


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