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Saturday, February 11, 2017

How to find Domain (website) Name Search Results As You Type from Websoft IT Nepal

There are many way to find the domain name checking website in the internet world. I have also search .com , . org, .net etc from different website in the internet sansar. I am going to share how you can find and reserve the domain name. Domain means the name of website. All the website can be done for search engine. My case i refer you the website called www.websoftitnepal.com If you visit this website you will find the search form to find the website name. You need to filled your desired domain name as shown in the picture below.

First of all visit www.websoftitnepal.com from any browser. you can visit this website from your any internet connected device such as your PC , laptop, Mobile phone, Ipad etc. If your system is connected with internet then you can easyly find the website. When you are in the website page just type YourWebsiteName.com and press the Search button as shown in the form below. Your can also press enter button from your keyboard. The final steps is that when you start searching name it will redirected domain department of the website where result will be display after a moment.The image is given below for helping you in the form of screenshot.

When everything is all right you will find the. If your website is not available for registration then you can see the nagative massege. The massege will be like your website is not avialeble just like shown in the form above. but if name will be available to register then you will see the positive message.  You can also see the price of related domain. The price may change everyday according to merican dollar conversion form.If You need a website then register your self from signUp button.

The final steps is that you need to call once to the websoft IT Nepal office using email ,mobile . Email address is websoftitnepal@gmail.com and mobile number is +9779842278940. Finally you have to pay money using esewa or bank transfer in the websoft IT Nepal Bank account number. If you want to send money from esewa then esewa id is 9842278940. You need to contact administrator of websoft IT Nepal for further information. I want to give you sweet thank gift for reading this post carefully. If you need any help regarding services then you can keep touch with Bhawesh Mandal the managing director of Websoft IT Nepal. 9842278940 is the mobile number for official contact. Websoft IT Nepal is situated at Biratnagar morang Nepal at the peace place of Biratnagar hatkhola.


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