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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Biratnagar Road Condition and Citizen's Health Problem gets polluted

This is the some review condition of Biratnagar Morang Nepal city. This city is situated in eastern part of Nepal. The district of Biratnagar is morang and zone is Koshi. Biratnagar is the 2nd Biggest city in Nepal. The population of biratnagar is very high in the compare of other cities. I am not writing this post for the introduction about Biratnagar but also facing Road Problems. Biratnagar is beautiful city but due to construction activities in Biratnagar for the road becomes very poor. People of Biratnagar area is suffering from different diseases. This causes Big problems in the field of Heath.

I want to share the present condition about Biratnagar. Roads are repairing. This is good development point of view. But the government doing their work very slowly. The destroy some properties but they do not repair road as soon as possible. When air start to move all the dust gets come in face. In this way all the polluted particular goes inside the body due to which they become ill. The condition of pollution of the city remains same for a long time. Then near the future all the activities of Biratnagar become useless. 

I mean to say that government should complete all the project in time. Health sector is very poor sector. If pollution comes to attack then health become weak. The normal people is not so reach in Biratnagar area. They can not afort high medical expenses for their health treatment. Only the points remain there, they may lost some important goods. The natural disaster depends open and pure environment that consist the normal activities.

Bhawesh Mandal
If you go to the traffic chock then you will see the many polluted air and dust. Managed traffic area that occurs many normal to serious accident. There is no any solution for late activities of road. I want to suggest to manage our Biratnagar as clean and neat city. The value of 2nd biggest city will be suitable when everything will be well manage. I don't know how much budget is separated for this road project but i understate that they must have sufficient balance. All the government system should run according to timing. World is updating very fast in the same way our Nepali government should also update.

All the activities goes same way. But road problem should solve as soon as possible. People are dying because of decease due to road pollution. When i need to visit market area of Biratnagar. there is so many crowd. All the vehicle such as motorcycle, bicycle, rickshaw, bus track using the road in random way. All the busy roads are maintaining so all the other viced uses same road. This causes serous problem in the health problem.

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