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Friday, February 10, 2017

How to Register Website Domain in Websoft IT Nepal

This is me Bhawesh Mandal managing Director of Websoft IT Nepal. Today i am going to share the tricks to register top level domain from websoft IT Nepal Website. First of all you should prepare to mind that which types of website you are going to register. The tricks are very simple not any difficulties.  i am just kidding you. first of all you need to visit our official website ie www.websoftitnepal.com from any your famous browser that may be google chrome, Firefox, exporter etc. In the browser address bar just type www.websoftitnepal.com. You will see the following screen that is given here.

Now you will see the registration form. But before this you need to conform so in the above website screenshot just type your website name and press search buttom in the form. After a moment website will start searching your given name. It moves to the website database to see that either your name is available or not. i have tried to search www.websoftitnepal.com. I Know this is already registred website so the massege will apear that websoftitnepal.com is unavailable to register website. You can see the following screenshot to conform.
Now what to do ?!! This is so simple you should re-enter another name to search whether you have thoght or not. i reguest you thing a proper website name suppose that i have thought khabarwebsoftitnepal.com then please enter this name also so that it will easy to conform that this name is ready available to register. I have enter this name in the above website. There are many another website that you can see the different style to register website properly. now you can see the screenshot displaying that this name is available to register domain.

Now click on select green bottom at the right side of website which is much easier to find theme. Now You will see another screen in the process. now this is time to click on Checkout buttom to the further process for registering process.
This is time to register yourself in websoft IT Nepal Official website to keep customer record.. This option is very required because it helps the management team to collect customer information for thsi website.
I Just request to register in the website by click on Create an account in 10 seconds buttom. You will now see the follwing screenshot as a registration form.

You should fill up the above form if you are a new customer. If you are already member of websoft it nepal official website then you don't need to create account. In this situation you should only do login in the previous screen or you can find the sign in  button at the top right corner of the page. finally you should provided the username as a userid and related password for security perpose. This is not a big problem to register on this website. 

You should pay payment for your website. there are several method. If you have Esewa Account you can pay money to websoft IT Nepal Pvt. Ltd. using Esewa ID 9842278940. You can also call to me for Payment process. there is another paypal payment method to pay money online for this you can pay money using email id paypal@bhawesh.com.np. The services of your website is quick and fast. There is no any tension to transfer you money to the websoft IT Nepal office. If You are local then you can visit websoft IT Nepal official which is situated at Biratnagar Mornag Nepal.

You can alse find the websoft IT Nepal in the social Online searching websoft IT Nepal Biratnagar. There are hundred of advanced web hosting company in nepal but websoft IT Nepal is special for you share any kind of special services. 

I hove you have understate what i have shared with you . I always recommended that you to register website at the anytime. I think this post goes very long. this is my first post to share about websoft IT Nepal Pvt. Ltd. The purpose of task is to make people understand to learn way to learn about website. i hove you have better understand about registration procudure of website registration in Nepal. The service is also improving 


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