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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why is PayPal not providing its service in Nepal?

When I pay money to transfer dollar in my paypal account then i always face problem that why nepali government is not trying to issue PayPal card in our country Nepal. Actually I'm a developer for website software and apps. When i try to register a website online then website asked dollar currency. But this is not till possible to work directly with paypal. Actually I have a paypal
verified card in another friend's name who is green holder of USA. He opened a bank account for me to work online transaction related to dollar. when balanced goes low i have to search other resources to recharge my paypal account. In this situation i need to contact senior brother in kathmandu to transfer money in nepal. I have to pay theme very high cost for unit price. I have regularly paying them Rs. 135 to Rs. 150 per dollar. when i pay about Rs.15000/- and they transfer me only 100$.

In this way i always become sad after high amount of Nepali Rupees. I have asked many people that when our national government become international government. I always thought that when our goverment will follow the IT requirement. I think this is not possible in the near generation.

According to government office of Bank, the security system of Nepal Rastraya Bank is not so strong in the compare of International Bank. The security system is so poor that bad people may hack nepali system and all the money will transfer to them. There are many policy to disturb to open paypal in Nepal. The police of Nepal Rastra Bank is not freeborn for paypal. Nepali goverment bank does not give permission to transfer money via networking. They say that there is no superficial computerized tasked in nepal. The transaction of Nepali government is old as filling system. The maintenance of this process is so lengthy. Paypal is not possible in nepal since there is no guarantee of security about money.

Solution of this problem may be that Our nepali government should follow the international papal system. We also want to many thinks via paypal card. Paypal card is one of the better option to shop almost all the country in world. Many people doing fraud in the name of transferring fund as dollar to Nepali rupees. Goverment should take action as soon as possible. I don't know when our nepal will update according to the 21st century.

Nepali language is also not valid in Online activities. I mean to say that when we write any article in nepali language for the google adsense. google adsense is not sporting nepali article.  people who don't know English then they are not able to get money paid by adsense. This is the big problem in Nepal for Nepali heroes. I wish nepali people to operate international transaction though paypal card.

In this time nepal should also think about the series matter as soon as possible. we are running too late. There is no time for going bank againa and again. I think this pages goes long as we aspect ed.


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