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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Google lunches loading faster server in Nepal for streaming faster for Youtube, Playstore and other google products.

Nepal Telecom have given the rights to keep server in the Nepal. The largest network of world google, YouTube has placed their server in the largest network of Nepal 'Nepal Telecom'. The both company has agreed to placed the YouTube server and google product server in the Nepal first-time. People now can operate the YouTube video faster than before in Nepal. The other product of google is speedup smoothly as compare to previous stage.
In this agreement the Nepal telecom internet data also can use the less data in the mobile phone. According to the main officer of Nepal Telecom he says that using very less data of telecom network, customer of Nepal can access the video very faster than before using this .
The server of YouTube and google is established in Jawalakhel Kathmandu office of Nepal Telecom. 

The slow problem is gone from Nepal. The telecom and google are trying to improve the services as better than previous condition. The website of Nepal telecom and website of YouTube as well as google website also announce about the server of Nepal in Nepal telecom.

According to the online website the google lunched the another server in the nepal and two other country in Asia region. The other country is Pakistan and Bhutan. In this way google is expanding their services around the world keeping server like Nepal. Websoft IT Nepal Pvt. Ltd recently knew about the information of google. This is very impressive works for the Nepal telecom with YouTube and google products. The speed of all product is expanded in Nepal and worldwide. 


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