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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy Holi 2017 Festival Of Colours - History And Celebration In India and Nepal

The festival holly is celebration every year in the same time in the maximum area of the world. The holly is also called the color of the day. Holika is considered as holly in the normal world. When holly is started then all the people starts to think the way of playing holly with the friends. The main celebration of holly is the color. There are many color in the festival of holly.

According to India and Nepal almost 99% of people is celebrating holly. Even other cast is also started holly. There are many festival comes in each year regarding entertainment of man and woman. The days come when the system is changing the method of holly. Ancient time all people was played with sand but now they all rejected all the old style due to the illness. People is getting so trouble with the sand. There are hundred of festival in hindu cast. They celebrate holly according to their style.

When we visit village area of Nepal and India they seems so funny making their faces almost colorful. The history of holy is not new here. According to my grandmother the lady holika was sit in the fire with the "bhakta Prahalad". Hollis gone to the home of the God but still prahalad was saved in the fire. There are no any particular story to cover the holly festival but also there may be the fact over the other festival. This content is very busy to share the truthiness of knowledge of holy festival. Today i was watching the YouTube. There was very nonsense activities seems in Nepal. one of the ladies was opened her cloth to play holly.

The above pics is showing the different activities of radha and krishana playing holly. The Hollyis not a small festival. The police officer is controlling the bad activities to be happened over the people. The system is not good in the town area to play holly. There is both good and bad actives towards the festival holy.  Big person of India and Nepal will play holly by spraying the happyness of holly in the different manner of the system. This me Bhawesh Mandal from Websoft IT Nepal Pvt. ltd. I want to say Happy Holly to all the friend family and client of my office wishing good and best wishes happens in their life.


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