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Saturday, March 11, 2017

International Women Days in the Whole World Happy woman day 2017

Today is International women day in the whole world. The world is celebrating women day with their own style. In Nepal many company and organisation is celebrating women day with ladies. The main purpose of women days is to established to higher point than previous stage of woman. There are hundred of organisation who is generally demanded the rights of women. The right is so simple in the manner of other country. The demand of the system also want to says that we all support the woman for getting their right.

 The woman day only be success on our society when all the people will respect to the woman equally. The girls and woman should not take advantage of freedom. some of the girls are making useful behavior on their right. They plays with the heart emotion with the man who is very positive thought with their woman family.

 I actually don't know what will be the good discussion for making the woman in the higher point of success. Our country are celebrating woman day every year.The government of all country announces the Holiday to the whole country for the woman to be prepared their right. I still remember that days when i was reading the school life. One day i came to know that why girls party did not come to the school to reading in the school. No any girls was come school in that day. I got surprise that why all girls was not appeared in the school. I was asked the teacher saying why all the girls is not come to school. Even my girl friend also did not come to school. My girlfriend was celebrating woman day alone in her home but i was reading in school.

When i was reached my home then i went to my girlfriend's home and asked the reason to not come to school. She told me that day was celebrating woman day in her home. She missed me too much. she wanted to meet with for sharing the some fact about woman day. According the the google search engine result the woman day was established On March 8, 1917. The earliest Women's Day observance was held on February 28, 1909, in New York. In the Nepal Prime minister also addressed the woman day. He gives the best of luck to the woman day for never stopping. The situation was too worry at that time when i was in Biratnagar Morang Nepal for celebrating woman day. The woman day was not a small celebration for a girls. I Think this is too much saying about woman day. The is me Bhawesh Mandal from Websoft IT Nepal Pvt. Ltd. . I just announce to celebrate woman day every year from now. I will not forget this day.

The UN commenced the adoption of an annual theme in 1996 - which was "Celebrating the past, Planning for the Future". This theme was followed in 1997 with "Women at the Peace table", and in 1998 with "Women and Human Rights", and in 1999 with "World Free of Violence Against Women", and so on each year until the current. More recent themes have included, for example, "Empower Rural Women, End Poverty & Hunger" and "A Promise is a Promise - Time for Action to End Violence Against Women".

In the last paragraph this is the positive response of the woman towards the benefit of the system.
The woman day is celebrating now a days from every offices. All the woman eats good food to share special woman day. I want to say thank you the woman day to come every year as same way. I want to give best wishes Happy Woman day 2017 from my heart of the soul.


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